Business & COVID: Music Lives!

Desideria’s Inspirational Story- Over 11 yrs ago, I was a lead singer and manager of a Top 40 Cover Band in Chambana called High Maintenance. The members in the band were formerly from The Will Rogers Band and are all seasoned, well-known musicians. I did acoustic duos with the guitar player of High Maintenance under the name of “Jenni b. & The Dave Cooper Experience”. We played all over central Illinois doing a wide variety of paid gigs. I’ve written and recorded a full album of originals with Cooper and have written three more over the last few years. I left the band at 7 months pregnant with my 2nd child in early 2009 after developing sudden gall stones attacks and undergoing emergency C-section. Two months later my oldest child was diagnosed with severe Autism. Three years later in 2012, I was diagnosed with Limb-girdle Muscular Dystrophy type 2J. Nothing can keep me down. I know i’m born to sing and I’m confident you’ll feel the same!

Over the last decade, I’ve been raising my two children, writing songs and building our family business (among many other things). Please see the “About Us” page for more! I’m excited to now have an official business license for Vivamus Entertainment LLC and the proper equipment to support my talent again now at age 40 this year! I have big plans for the future, including auditioning new musicians for a full band called “The Fleeting Hearts” and offering a wide range of services. Please see the “Our Services” page for more!

In the meantime, during COVID, we know things are unpredictable. People aren’t getting out as much and many have lost their jobs. It’s our goal to form mutually beneficial relationships with venues in these hard times by offering free promotional shows, but honoring social distancing guidelines, of course. Our business motto is “While We Live, Let Us Live” (Vivamus!). We want to help give people a safe, fun and professional entertainment environment. If you’ve had us for a free promotional show and would like to have us back, please contact us at 217-778-5638 to discuss pricing.

We look forward to doing business with you! Together, we will build memories for our communities that will last a lifetime!

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